Tailgating Season

Sunday, September 12, 2010 @ 09:09 AM

Tailgating season is getting into full swing. With the beginning of football season under way…and racing season still going strong. There is nothing like a great tailgate party no matter what the venue. Go small, go big, or just go home. We all know the stadium and venue food is expensive & not always that great. Why not bring food with you? Even if you just pack a picnic lunch. Then if you need to, you can grab a snack on the inside.

But, why not go all out…or at least part of the way? You can make food at home a day or two before the game & just fire up the Brinkmann grill and re-heat when you get there.You don’t need a giant grill unless you are planning on feeding a lot of people.

Everything can still be easily prepared in the parking lot. Some prep work can still be done at home, and all cooking done right in your tailgate spot in the lot. Make salads at home & make sure you have a cooler full of ice to keep it cold & a separate cooler for beer & soft drinks. A drink cooler will be constantly opened and closed. Don’t want those salads going bad.

Change up your menu too. You don’t have the same thing for dinner every night. Why have the same tailgate menu? Get creative. Ask your friends to bring stuff or ask them for suggestions. Bring an outdoor propane deep fryer, bring a bbq smoker, bring a traditional turkey fryer, but use it to make jambalaya because your team is playing against the Saints or have a New England Clam Bake at a Pats game. Have fun with it. Your menu doesn’t need to be same old same old. Go check out the tailgaters next to you. See what they’ve got cooking up. Not everyone is willing to share recipes, but most cooks are proud of their creations and are willing to tell you a bit. They might leave out a secret ingredient but you’ll get the gist. And even if they don’t want to share, at least you might get some new ideas of your own.

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