Grilled Apple Pizza

Saturday, September 4, 2010 @ 08:09 AM

My friend, and owner of Goodman’s American Pie, a wood fired pizza joint in Ludlow, VT, makes a dessert pizza for his customers. I don’t know if he actually invented it or just decided to create this item, it is a really novel idea & perfect for a pizza restaurant. That being said I don’t see why it can’t be duplicated at home & done on your Brinkmann grill or even while tailgating.

Get yourself some pre-made pizza dough or a pre-baked job. Get yourself an old-fashioned apple corer/peeler. 1-2 apples. You need some shredded cheddar cheese (Vermont White Sharp Cheddar preferred, but use what you’ve got). Some cinnamon & sugar.

Pre-heat your grill to about 425 degrees. Set up your dough. Spread the cored apple¬† slices across the dough, sprinkle with sugar &¬† cinnamon. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese, sprinkle some more cinnamon sugar on top & grill on a pizza stone or right on the grate, until done…about 15 mins. You may want to turn the pizza during cooking process to get an even cook. Slice with a pizza slicer & serve. A tasty tailgating treat!

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