Tailgating Season

Thursday, August 26, 2010 @ 01:08 PM

Tailgating season is upon us. Time to dust off your gear, give everything a once over & replace & replenish. If you have a separate grill that you only use for tailgating parties, now is the time to clean it up, and fire it up for the season’s initial christening.

Me, myself, I tailgate almost all year long. Between, NASCAR, NHRA, and motorsports season, to concerts, the beach, the lake, car shows, and football. Not everything is about food. Some times the tailgate is just liquid.

The biggest tailgate I go to is the last NASCAR race of the season in Homestead, FL. Camping, tailgating, and racing all weekend long. Thursday to Monday. I have a trailer for that race though, so it makes tailgating much easier. Refrigerator and electricity areĀ  a God send when tailgating for 5 days!!!!

I still cook outside of the trailer. Brinkmann grill, slow cooker, etc. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. I have now added an outdoor propane deep fryer to my tailgating gear. It’s a small one. 2 1\2 gallons, but we usually have a small group. This will broaden the horizons of my tailgate menu quite a bit. Wings, onion rings, fried turkey breast. Heck, I can even deep fry rumaki. I can’t wait until November for the race. In between time, the fryer is small enough that I can use it for back yard BBQ’s and picnics. It has been a very fun added addition to my backyard cooking station.

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