Revisiting Cracklins

Sunday, August 15, 2010 @ 07:08 AM

I was just visiting a friends blog. Meathead at Amazing Ribs has a great recipe for cracklins. Cracklins are starting to become bar snack food, but they have been around for many, many years. For those of you that don’t know what a cracklin is, back in the day, women would render oil, lard, from the fat clinging to the skins of the hog. (Also refer to our past blog on Deep Fried Pork Rinds.)  Cracklins, were the left over bits that were in the oil. Therefore cracklins, are the by-product of rendering oil. It is messy rendering oil from the skin anyway, so if you do intend to try this out, I would do as much outside as possible. Get yourself an outdoor patio stove or cooker. You could even do this in that turkey fryer you have collecting dust in the garage.

Now you could just go ahead & deep fry those bits and pieces after you’ve cut and boiled them a bit, but Meathead has gone a bit farther & slow smokes them for a bit & then turns up the heat. Definitely check out his recipe. I need a cold beer just thinking about them.

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